Patrick Weichert Addresses Community Needs

Patrick Weichert is a Vietnam veteran, so he demonstrated early on that he was willing to serve others in the most profound way possible. He was in the United States Marine Corps, and he is now a lifetime member of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization. This former service member is also active in the Veterans Benefits Network. He advises veterans about benefits, and he helps them understand mental health issues. This individual is well-equipped to provide this kind of mentoring, because he is a clinical psychologist with a PhD from Union Institute.

In addition to his work with veterans, he does other things that make the community a better place. We have a big problem with unwanted companion animals in the United States, and Patrick Weichert tries to do something about it. The Humane Society is often stretched to its limits because of the volume of animals that are in need of homes, and they can use all the help that they can get. He is a Humane Society volunteer, and this shows a great deal of compassion. Devoting your time is one thing, and it is a significant sacrifice, but it can also be heart wrenching work. It can be difficult physically and emotionally, but he is still willing to pitch in to help these animals.

Though he is willing to assist all types of animals at the Humane Society, he has a particular interest in two particular dog breeds. Many people are aware of the unique abilities that Border Collies possess. They are extremely intelligent, and they are also quite agile. In fact, when you watch canine agility competitions on television, you will often see a Border Collie atop the leaderboard. These herding dogs are happiest when they have something to do, and they are extremely loyal companions who make great pets. Patrick Weichert knows a great deal about the virtues of the breed, because he rescues Border Collies, and he also trains them. The other breed that he has a special connection with is the Siberian Husky, and he is involved in Husky training and rescue efforts as well.


About Patrick Weichert

Patrick Weichert is a clinical psychologist. Post traumatic stress disorder is one of his areas of specialization.
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