Patrick Weichert – Self Expression Through Poetry

Patrick Weichert is a man of many interests. He was in the military during the Vietnam War, and he was raised by a military family. His father was also a wartime veteran who served in the Army in the Pacific during World War II, and his uncle served during the same war in the European theater. As you may imagine, he has an interest in World War II history and Vietnam war history. He devotes some of his time helping former service members through the Veterans Benefit Network, and he is a longtime member of Disabled American Veterans or DAV.

Patric- Weichert

In addition to his military related interests, Patrick Weichert is also into poetry. This is an individual who holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology, so he has a very extensive academic background. When you think about poetry, you may envision a very formal, stiff format. Indeed, there are many traditional forms like sonnets, haiku poetry, odes, narrative poems, and epic works. However, even if you do not consider yourself to be a writer with formal technical abilities, you can choose to express yourself through poetry.

A poem can simply be a way to externalize your internal feelings and/or thought processes. It can come naturally if you decide to put pen to paper with an open heart and an open mind. You can write a poem that rhymes if this is your choice, but many of the best poems ever written do not rhyme (though they do have rhythmic qualities). Patrick Weichert writes poetry, and his work will always live on as a meaningful part of his legacy.


About Patrick Weichert

Patrick Weichert is a clinical psychologist. Post traumatic stress disorder is one of his areas of specialization.
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