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As a keen, highly intelligent, and energetic breed, Siberian Huskies require careful, consistent training to become an effective member of an owner’s household. Many Husky owners and rescuers, like Patrick Weichert, have taken the appropriate steps to train their Siberian Huskies in a way that benefits both the dog and the owner.

Patrick Weichert

Siberian Huskies and their owners can profit from attending obedience classes with a certified instructor and trainer. The Husky can develop confidence, proper socialization skills with other dogs and people, and strengthen communication skills with the owner. Crate train a Husky by relying upon a dog’s natural denning instinct. Crate training can help especially when the dog cannot be supervised at all times. Owners should take simple, consistent steps to take a leadership role in their relationship with their Husky. Use positive reinforcement, practice trust and dominance exercises, and practice taking objects from the dog like toys and food, and then returning them to establish leadership. Owners need establish good, consistent routines and rules for eating, going outside, and going for walks.

Many Siberian huskies end up at shelters, given up by frustrated and overwhelmed owners who may not have been fully educated about the breed. Patrick Weichert, other Husky owners, and Husky rescue organizations recognize the positives that come from owning a Siberian Husky, while also understanding the trials that this breed can bring. Being aware of the breed’s personality and traits, as well as dedicating the time, effort, and care necessary for proper training, can result in a beautiful relationship between an owner and his Siberian Husky.


About Patrick Weichert

Patrick Weichert is a clinical psychologist. Post traumatic stress disorder is one of his areas of specialization.
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